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Respiratory is a branch of medicine that specialises in the treatment of diseases that affect the respiratory system, it is also referred to as pulmonology.

Respiratory deals with all aspects of the breathing system as well as being involved with intensive care medicine providing life support and mechanical ventilation. This medical speciality deals with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, allergic rhinitis and involved with smoking cessation and sleep apnoea.

It can also cover solid organ transplantation where replacement of the lung is needed for end-stage pulmonary disease from multiple causes.


COPD Knowledge Centre

Within the COPD Knowledge Centre you will find details of upcoming events, highlights from recent conferences and useful resources. The site also provides an educational disease overview section, where guidelines can be viewed along with information on treatment and diagnosis. A new section dedicated to COPD in Women is now available and features a set of videos discussing COPD from the female perspective.


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