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Published:26th Aug 2021


Welcome to the Nephrology specialty hub, where you will find a wide range of resources related to nephrology and kidney disease. Take an in-depth look into chronic kidney disease and learn information about diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases.

More on what you will find in this hub:

  • Our sponsored, interactive Chronic Kidney Disease Learning Zone with expert interviews, quiz-based patient case studies, a patient case animation, and more
  • Nephrology related news and insights, drugs, guidelines, clinical trials and events
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Utilise these resources to prevent worsening of renal disease, or progression to kidney failure and the need for dialysis. Help your patients in effectively treating and managing symptoms of renal disorders.

Diagnosis and management of primary hyperoxaluria type 1

Explore the pathophysiology of PH1 and the burden it places on its patients within this Learning Zone

It aims to provide an overview of PH1, including the pathophysiology of the disease, the burden on patients and families, and the current and upcoming management options. After working through this learning resource, you’ll be able to recognise the signs that might raise suspicion of PH1 and prompt diagnostic tests or referral to a specialist team.

Start exploring PH1


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