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Declaration of sponsorship Novartis Pharma AG


Declaration of sponsorship Novartis Pharma AG
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Last updated:22nd Dec 2022
Published:12th Feb 2020
The Respiratory Care Learning Zone provides an essential overview of Asthma and COPD disease. The Learning Zone also delves deeper into Inhaled Management of COPD and Asthma, with the Educational Resources section featuring slide kits, congress news and webinars and videos relevant to Asthma and COPD.

What's new in the Learning Zone?

Visit the asthma resources section to view footage from the Novartis-sponsored symposia at ERS 2022: “A triple approach to shifting the asthma paradigm: inhaled therapy, digital technology and the environment” and “Asthma and beyond: Anti-IgE continues to play a major role”. Also, learn about the environmental impact of inhalers and how this can be a factor in treatment decision making once efficacy and safety have been considered in the new sustainability section.

Please take part in this survey exploring sex and gender differences in asthma management – it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your input would help tremendously in understanding the impact of sex or gender on asthma management, and will ultimately help improve patients’ lives. Survey produced by Novartis Pharma AG. This survey is anonymous, your personal information will not be collected.

Asthma Gender Initiative Survey: ERS 2021