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Expert opinion – patient wellbeing in psoriasis

Read time: 30 mins
Last updated:7th Aug 2023
Published:7th Aug 2023

The bigger picture: How can we incorporate wellbeing into the management of psoriasis?

In this series of video clips, patient advocate Joel Nelson puts expert Dr Rachel Sommer in the question seat as they explore the burden of psoriasis on patients. In this discussion, Rachel and Joel go beyond the physical symptoms of psoriasis to explore its impact on patient wellbeing, daily activities, quality of life, and their family.

How does psoriasis impact the lives of patients and that of their family?

In the first video clip above, gain insights from Joel on what it is like to live with psoriasis on a daily basis, and how the condition has affected his life and his family. Then, Joel also asks Dr Sommer to explore the wider impact of psoriasis, harnessing her experience as a leader of people-centred healthcare research at the University Medical Center in Hamburg, Germany.

Should wellbeing be valued as an outcome of psoriasis treatment?

Joel describes the importance of wellbeing as a treatment outcome, as well as quality of life and treatment satisfaction.

How can wellbeing be incorporated to improve care of patients with psoriasis?

Joel describes some key approaches that can help healthcare professionals to improve care of people with psoriasis, particularly considering the wider impact of the condition on the individual and their family. Then, listen to Dr Sommer’s perspective on how considering wellbeing may help to improve patient outcomes.

Wellbeing assessment in practice: Challenges and potential solutions

Chapter 1: What tools can assess wellbeing in psoriasis?

Chapter 2: Is it feasible to discuss wellbeing in practice?

Dr Sommer describes key challenges and barriers that can impede assessment of wellbeing in patients with psoriasis, and the tools that are available to assess wellbeing in clinical practice.

Benefits of a person-centred approach to managing psoriasis

Joel asks Dr Sommer to explore how a person-centred approach can help to improve outcomes and assist patients in achieving their individual goals.

Final thoughts from the perspective of a person living with psoriasis

Wrapping up the discussion, Joel provides some final insights on why it is important to consider each patient’s needs and goals, while taking into account the impact of psoriasis on their overall wellbeing.

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