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Transcript: Real-world RRMM data COMy

Last updated: 25th Jun 2024
Published:25th Jun 2024

Dr Hira Mian

Interview recorded Jun 2024. All transcripts are created from interview footage and directly reflect the content of the interview at the time. The content is that of the speaker and is not adjusted by Medthority.

It's really great at COMy to actually have separate sessions dedicated about real-world outcomes. And Philippe Moreau, I believe on the Friday present, had a great presentation about some of the real-world data that was presented at COMy from some of the newer T-cell redirecting therapies. So I think one of the important parts is that when we're seeing a lot of this real-world data, sometimes we're seeing data that still has a short follow up period, and he highlighted that it's important to put those results in context, that we really do need to understand, even in the real-world outcomes, a little bit over longer term to really make sense of that data.

So I'm really glad that he highlighted that part. Both in my presentation as well as in lots of the other presentations we highlighted that there were potentially some increased toxicities with some of these T-cell redirecting therapies seen among older adults as compared to younger adults. So to give you one example, you know, there was a large study that was published by CIBMTR with one of the myeloma CAR-T products, which showed that perhaps rates of CRS and ICANS were slightly higher in those of older adults. So I think, again, once we moved these therapies out into the real-world, we'll need to continually evaluate that data to see how it translates over, and particularly how it translates over to patients who are often underrepresented in clinical trials. But I think I really like Dr. Moreau's caveat as well that we do need to sit tight, be patient as well, and ensure that our real-world data does have longer follow up so we can accurately understand it.

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