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Multiple Myeloma Awareness: Bone marrow aspirate cytology of multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer of malignant plasma cells, associated with bone pain, bone fractures and anemia
Let’s get real: Modern management of RRMM in older patients

Hot topics in RRMM: COMy 2024 expert picks

Last updated: 25th Jun 2024
Published:25th Jun 2024

Watch Dr Hira Mian (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) review the 10th World Congress on Controversies in Multiple Myeloma 2024, focusing on:

  • Managing older and/or frail adults with multiple myeloma (MM)
  • Guidance on using frailty scores for managing relapsed/refractory (RR) MM
  • Treatment advances in the RRMM space

"It is important to put real-world data in context... we need to view them in relation to long-term follow-up." Dr Mian. View transcript.

Dr Mian outlines the potential gains of using frailty scores in RRMM and considers whether the existing scores are fit for purpose. View transcript.

"We are seeing lots of activity for T-cell redirecting therapies being moved to earlier treatment lines." Dr Mian. View transcript.

Dr Mian considers factors influencing treatment selection for RRMM and how patient priorities for treatment can differ between younger and older adults. View transcript.

"What I like about the COMy meeting is that it is framed around controversies." Dr Mian. View transcript.

EBAC-accredited symposium at COMy 2023

Join experts Dr Hira Mian, Professor Philippe Moreau and Dr Paul G. Richardson to learn more about:

  • Factors to consider when selecting a treatment for older and/or frail patients with MM
  • Frailty and when it should be measured
  • Emerging therapies for RRMM and clinical trial data

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Dr Hira Mian

Dr Mian is a haematologist in the Department of Oncology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where she leads the multiple myeloma programme. Her interest is optimising care of older adults with multiple myeloma. She is board member of Myeloma Canada, and investigator with the Canadian Myeloma Research Group (CMRG) and the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Group.

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