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Managing Osteoarthritis-associated Pain


Read time: 265 mins
Last updated:4th Feb 2022
Published:16th Apr 2020
Did you know that treating pain in osteoarthritis (OA) is changing? Find out what’s new:
  • Explore the latest clinical guideline updates on pharmacological treatments and personalised pain management strategies
  • Find out what the most promising emerging therapies are for OA pain control
  • Listen to experts discuss unmet patient needs in OA pain control
  • Discover the latest congress updates on pain management in OA

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent chronic joint disease and a prominent cause of pain, distress and disability1. The burden of OA to patients is often underestimated2 and the health economic burden is growing with increased life expectancy and increased prevalence of other risk factors, such as obesity and additional comorbidities1. Current pharmacological treatments for OA are focused on symptomatic analgesia. Guideline changes have downgraded the use of paracetamol and opioids and highlighted the need for personalised pain management3–5. There are, however, emerging therapies for OA pain control which could impact the burden of OA in the future1.

Find out what our medical experts recommend to get the most benefit from existing treatments and what the impact of new therapies could be. Also look out for our patient ‘Marie’ who has knee osteoarthritis. Find out about how OA affects her life and the different treatments that she has been prescribed in the past to control her pain, and then answer a series of interactive questions designed to test your knowledge.


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