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Atopic dermatitis hand
Atopic Dermatitis Learning Zone


Read time: 400 mins
Last updated:23rd May 2022
Published:26th Jul 2021

Do you have a clear understanding of the immunological processes, burden of disease and treatment armamentarium for patients with atopic dermatitis?

  • Explore the impact of pruritis on quality of life
  • Find key data to support the use of effective therapies
  • Ensure you are up to date with guideline recommendations

Experts Professor Seemal Desai, Professor Martin Steinhoff, Professor Thomas Bieber, Dr Amy Paller and Professor Michael Cork were interviewed for this learning zone to provide their views on atopic dermatitis. Professor Desai is a board-certified dermatologist with a clinical interest in inflammatory skin diseases. Watch Desai highlight key topics for effective clinical practice and hear his perspective on a patient-centric approach in atopic dermatitis.