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Advances in hidradenitis suppurativa
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Transcript: The debate between HiSCR and IHS4

Declaration of sponsorship UCB Biopharma SRL
Last updated:27th Feb 2024
Published:27th Feb 2024

Dr Antonio Martorell

Interview recorded Feb 2024, EHSF 2024. All transcripts are created from interview footage and directly reflect the content of the interview at the time. The content is that of the speaker and is not adjusted by Medthority.

Yeah, we are in front of two good scores because the two both are validated. The thing is the, we have some limitations in the HiSCR, including the consideration of the tunnels as a structure that is one of the main scale structure we need to consider in order to avoid this progression of disease, in order to avoid these worse results with medical therapies. And in this case IHS4 arrived to our world in order to consider these structures, in order to put the importance on the number of structures the patient is developing during the time. And also in order to establish, to better establish when is the best moment to begin the systemic therapy for our patients.

In this case, in the HiSCR score, we're establishing only the response to medical therapy in the, in one moment. In the case of HS4, we are capable to establish a moderate patient, the HS4 more than four points, that this is the moment in which we need to consider that the patient will need not only topical options, but also systemic therapies. We have to complete this with the HS4, HS455, you know that this probably is the correlation between, you can compare its HiSCR score with the HS455. The main difference is that in HS455, we are going to consider the elemental lesions and the reduction of all these elemental lesions in HS. In the HiSCR score, we are not doing this. We are only considering the stabilisation of the disease, not the reduction of it.

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