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Transcript: Real-world data and emerging medications

Declaration of sponsorship UCB Biopharma SRL
Last updated:27th Feb 2024
Published:27th Feb 2024

Dr Philippe Guillem

Interview recorded Feb 2024, EHSF 2024. All transcripts are created from interview footage and directly reflect the content of the interview at the time. The content is that of the speaker and is not adjusted by Medthority.

An important point during the medical treatment session is the confirmation that well-known biologics can be used. Two of them that already received an agreement are adalimumab and bimekizumab and real-world study have been presenting from Spain, from Ireland, for example, and confirmed the interest in a real-world use. There are also new studies about new classes of treatment such as the JAK-1 inhibitors and probably this kind of drugs will be used in the future. There are only phase two studies that have been printed, so there are no agreement about this kind of treatment.

Phase three study will begin and it will be interesting to see that. About phase three studies, the inhibitor of interleukin-17A and F, bimekizumab also confirmed the results as regards the problems from the patients, what, notably, according to the control of pain or quality of life, there is an improvement with this kind of treatment, we are still waiting for the agreement for this molecule.

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