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Declaration of sponsorship GA²LEN UCARE/ACARE

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Declaration of sponsorship GA²LEN UCARE/ACARE
Last updated:8th Apr 2024
Published:28th Feb 2024

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Episode 2 – What is angioedema and what is not?

Dr Thomas Buttgereit is joined by Professor Markus Magerl, leader of the angioedema clinics at ACARE Berlin. Their conversation explores the clinical features of recurrent angioedema and the essential differential diagnoses that dermatologists must bear in mind when encountering facial swellings.

For more information about the GA2LEN ACARE network and its activities please visit Additional resources relating to the topics discussed in this episode can be found here: Classification, diagnosis, and approach to treatment for angioedema: consensus report from the Hereditary Angioedema International Working Group.

Meet the host

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Thomas Buttgereit, MD

Thomas Buttgereit is a dermatologist and allergist at the Angioedema Center of Reference and Excellence (ACARE) Berlin. He regularly gives consultations for patients with different types of recurrent angioedema including patients with HAE. His special interests are clinical and basic research on mast cell-mediated angioedema, HAE due to C1 inhibitor (C1INH) deficiency and HAE with normal C1INH.

Disclosures: Thomas Buttgereit is or recently was a speaker and/or advisor for AstraZeneca, BioCryst, CSL-Behring, GSK, Hexal, KalVista, Medac, Novartis, Pharming, Roche, Sanofi, and Takeda.

These podcasts are brought to you by the ACARE network. The ACARE program, initiated by GA2LEN and HAE International, aims to establish and accredit a network of angioedema centres. The purpose of this collaborative network is to enhance angioedema care and research, in order to improve patient outcomes.