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Managing Osteoarthritis-associated Pain

Expert opinion

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Published:9th Jul 2020
Why are there still unmet needs for pain management in patients with osteoarthritis (OA)? Medthority hosted a virtual roundtable in June 2020 with four medical experts to address these needs and provide clear guidance for physicians.

Chair Professor David Walsh introduces the roundtable which aims to help develop physician beliefs and behaviours in line with current guidelines in order to build on the patient-centred approach to osteoarthritis pain management.

Professor Walsh begins by introducing himself and his fellow faculty.

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Professor Walsh poses questions to the faculty around personalised pain management for patients with OA, 

along with pain assessment and the risk/benefit considerations of treatment.

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Professor Walsh invites the faculty’s opinion on the current guidelines, the importance of exercise, 

whether to use drug combinations and common misconceptions in treating OA pain.

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Given the previously discussed limitation of current treatments, Professor Walsh 

questions the faculty on emerging therapies for OA pain.

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Professor Walsh closes the roundtable and thanks his fellow faculty. People with OA pain have suffered enough and while there are new and emerging treatments which hold much potential, 

more people can also get much more benefit from existing treatments if we use a personalised and holistic approach.

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