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Effectiveness of patiromer in the treatment of hyperkalemia in chronic kidney disease patients with hypertension on diuretics.

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Published:30th Apr 2017
Author: Weir MR, Mayo MR, Garza D, Arthur SA, Berman L et al.
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Ref.:J Hypertens. 2017;35 Suppl 1:S57-S63

Objective: Recurrent hyperkalemia frequently limits use of renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system inhibitors (RAASi) in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients with hypertension, diabetes, and/or heart failure. Patiromer is a sodium-free, nonabsorbed potassium (K+)-binding polymer approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of hyperkalemia. This post-hoc analysis of OPAL-HK examined the effectiveness and safety of patiromer in reducing serum K+ in hyperkalemic CKD patients on RAASi, with hypertension, receiving diuretic therapy versus those not on diuretics.

Methods: Depending on the degree of hyperkalemia at baseline, CKD patients with serum K+ from 5.1 to less than 6.5 mmol/l on RAASi (n = 243) were assigned to a patiromer of total dose 8.4 or 16.8 g, divided twice daily. Changes in serum K+, and tolerability and safety were assessed over 4 weeks in patients on and not on diuretics.

Results: At baseline, 132 patients used diuretics and 111 were not on diuretics, mean age was 64.3 and 64.0 years, respectively, and 63 and 51% were men. Similar reductions in serum K+ were seen over 4 weeks in both subgroups. At week 4, serum K+ fell by −0.95 ± 0.04 mmol/l with any diuretic and −1.04 ± 0.05 mmol/l with no diuretic. Patiromer was well tolerated, with mild-to-moderate constipation reported as the most common adverse event (7.6 and 14.4% of patients on any diuretic or no diuretic, respectively). Hypokalemia (s-K+ <3.5 mEq/l) was reported in 2.3% of patients on any diuretic and in 3.7% not on diuretics.

Conclusion: The serum K+-lowering efficacy and safety profile of patiromer in hyperkalemia patients with CKD was not compromised by diuretic therapy.

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