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FDA approves RESP System external device for remote monitoring and analysing lung diseases.- Strados Labs

Read time: 1 mins
Published:11th Jan 2021
Strados Labs has been awarded FDA clearance for its RESP system for remotely monitoring lung sounds. The RESP device can help monitor how various therapies, patient reports, and other vital signs correlate with changes in lung sounds, to monitor patients and perhaps track what effect COVID-19 or other diseases has on the lungs.RESP attaches to the chest extrernally and in a similar way to a stethoscope listens for typical auscultation sounds, as well as coughs and wheezes. These are recorded and stored in the cloud and accessed by clinicians to review. The system uses can cancel out a great deal of the noise and track trends in lung sounds in diseases including asthma, long COVID-19 follow-up and COPD.
Condition: Infections/Lung
Type: drug

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