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Health Canada approves Ragwitek for ragweed pollen allergies.- ALK

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Published:23rd Dec 2020
ALK announced that Health Canada has approved once-daily Ragwitek (Standardized Allergen Extract, Short Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) Sublingual Tablet) for the treatment of moderate to severe ragweed pollen allergies in children age five and older. Ragwitek had received Health Canada approval for adult use in 2014.Ragwitek is indicated for reducing the symptoms of moderate to severe seasonal short ragweed pollen induced allergic rhinitis, with or without conjunctivitis, in adults and children five years of age or older confirmed by clinically relevant symptoms for at least one pollen season (age six or younger) or two pollen seasons (age seven or older) and a positive skin prick test and/or a positive titre to Ambrosia artemisiifolia specific IgE, and who have responded inadequately, or are intolerant to conventional pharmacotherapy. Treatment with Ragwitek should only be prescribed and initiated by physicians with adequate training and experience in the treatment of respiratory allergic diseases.
Condition: Allergy/Ragweed
Type: drug

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