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NICE rejects Dupixent as a treatment for severe asthma with type 2 inflammation.- Sanofi + Regeneron

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Published:14th Mar 2020
The National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE) has published draft guidance not to recommend Dupixent (dupilumab), from Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., for people who have severe asthma with type 2 inflammation that is not adequately controlled by high-dose inhaled corticosteroids combined with another maintenance treatment. NICE acknowledged that the drug plus standard asthma treatment performs better than placebo in reducing the use of oral corticosteroids and frequency of exacerbations in people with the condition but "the cost-effectiveness estimates were higher than is considered to be a reasonable use of NHS resources." According to NICE the most relevant use for Dupixent in asthma is for people who are not eligible for GlaxoSmithKline’s asthma biological Nucala (reslizumab).Other issues raised by NICE included a lack of comparative data with other biologicals, and uncertainty in the population eligible for this kind of treatment.
Condition: Asthma
Type: drug

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