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CE Mark for Orsiro Mission drug-eluting stent system.- Biotronik

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Published:13th Feb 2020
Biotronik has announced CE Mark certification for the Orsiro Mission drug-eluting stent (DES) system. The next generation of the company’s ultrathin strut Orsiro DES provides higher deliverability than other contemporary stents. Orsiro Mission is now available in CE Mark countries. The Orsiro Mission DES has a completely reengineered delivery system featuring a low profile integrated tip and a flexible shaft for high trackability. The new delivery system will support interventionalists with outstanding deliverability even in challenging cases. Setting the next level of deliverability for acute performance, the Orsiro Mission DES provides the benefits of the Orsiro stent. The coating combines passive and active components to avoid interaction with surrounding tissue while ensuring a controlled drug release. The stent’s ultrathin 60 ?m struts (?3.0mm in diameter) reduce blood flow disturbance and support early endothelialization. The Orsiro Mission DES is indicated for improving coronary luminal diameter in patients with symptomatic ischemic heart disease due to discrete de?novo stenotic and in-stent restenotic lesions. Based on the extensive clinical evidence with Orsiro DES, Orsiro Mission DES has ten additional indications including acute coronary syndrome (ACS), ST?Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), diabetes mellitus and complex (B2/C) lesions.
Condition: Coronary Artery Disease
Type: drug

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