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Immobility and sleep disruption in the ICU - Latest recommendations

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Last updated:4th Mar 2019
Published:4th Mar 2019
Source: Pharmawand

We have updated our PAD (Pain, Agitation and Delirium) Management Knowledge Centre to accurately reflect the most recent clinical practice guidelines. This update delivers key additional guidance on rehabilitation/mobility and sleep.

What are the PADIS Guidelines?
In 2018, the SCCM updated and expanded upon the 2013 PAD guidelines to produce the PADIS guidelines. The revised guidelines contain 37 recommendations and a series of good practice and nonactionable statements. Importantly, this document expands upon the scope of the original PAD guidelines to provide recommendations on the management of immobility and sleep within the ICU (Devlin et al., 2018).

Inadequate and excessive treatment can be problematic during the treatment of pain, agitation and delirium in the ICU. This Knowledge Centre has been developed to provide the latest information on pain, agitation and delirium (PAD) management within the ICU including guidance on recommended assessment, prevention and treatment strategies for healthcare professionals (HCPs) treating patients in this setting.

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