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Atopic Dermatitis Knowledge Centre launched on

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Last updated:24th Sep 2018
Published:24th Sep 2018
Source: Pharmawand

Developed by Medthority for and sponsored by Pfizer, with some scientific content provided by Pfizer, the Atopic Dermatitis Knowledge Centre merges practical tools and the latest diagnostic techniques.

A debillitating condition, atopic dermatitis has a significant impact on patients’ quality of life. Our aim is to drive the progression of the debate around AD, through understanding the underlying inflammatory processes. The Atopic Dermatitis Knowledge Centre contains  a comprehensive guide to this chronic, relapsing skin condition and can really help drive a better understanding of the prevalence and the impact it has on patients.

The existing treatment landscape for Atopic Dermatitis is well established - however, we have explored some of the unmet needs that patients face. Through better understanding of current guideline-based recommendations for the diagnosis, management and follow-up of atopic dermatitis, we believe healthcare professionals can lead the future of AD including the use of PDE4 inhibitors which look set to change the way we think about this debilitating condition.

Visit the Atopic Dermatitis Knowledge Centre now.

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