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New: Symposium videos & presentations for immunologists, dermatologists and allergists

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Last updated:13th Dec 2017
Published:13th Dec 2017
Source: Pharmawand

The CSU Knowledge Centre from is a resource for immunologists, dermatologists and allergists to access specialist information on the topic of urticaria. Since it's inception, the CSU Knowledge Centre has brought together videos and presentations from high-profile global events such as EADV 2017, EAACI 2017, World Congress of Dermatology 2015 and Global Urticaria Forum 2016.

With up to 20% of people will experience acute urticaria at some point in their lives,  it is becoming increasingly important that healthcare professionals understand signs and symptoms of urticaria and can make accurate diagnoses, leading to correct treatment. That's why the CSU Knowledge Centre is an important platform to share the latest information and research. 

You can view the latest videos, taken from the Novartis sponsored symposium, ‘Putting patients first – from presentation to practice in CSU’ on the CSU Knowledge Centre.

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