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Prof Vincent interview - Defining the eCASH Concept in PAD Management

Read time: 1 mins
Last updated:22nd Nov 2017
Published:22nd Nov 2017
Source: Pharmawand

Outlining the position he took in a paper published in Intensive Care Medicine in June 2016, where he coined the term eCASH to describe a new approach to critically ill patients, Professor Vincent considers the concept of taking traditional ideas of PAD management to the next level, evolving the PAD guidelines to a state that focuses on analgesia and on limiting sedation.  

Professor Vincent explains:

"The term eCASH means “early comfort using analgesia, minimal sedatives and maximal human care.

We have to understand that a patient who is, for example, grimacing, could do so not only because he is agitated but also because he suffers pain. The proper response in these patients is analgesia, not sedation. Increasing sedation in the presence of pain is really the highway to delirium – with all its fatal long-term consequences. Maximum human care, too, is a means to reduce sedatives. If we deal with anxieties, worries, disorientation etc. properly, we might not need sedatives at all. And if we need them, we will try to titrate them in a way that the patient does not lose consciousness, but remains cooperative.


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