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Transcript: Frailty in RRMM COMy 2024

Last updated: 19th Jun 2024
Published:19th Jun 2024

Dr Hira Mian

Interview recorded Jun 2024. All transcripts are created from interview footage and directly reflect the content of the interview at the time. The content is that of the speaker and is not adjusted by Medthority.

So I think, you know, in the past few years we're learning more and more that a patient's chronological age is not necessarily equivalent to their functional age, and that frailty scores are one particular modality to really understand what a patient's functional status is, and why that's important in myeloma because it allows us to understand what their tolerability for treatment is, and what is their toxicity risk like. So I think, you know, at this time, a lot of the frailty data that we have uses some of the scores that have been well established, but that are mostly in the newly-diagnosed setting.

Both in my talk and there was another frailty talk as well at COMy, we both highlighted that some of these tools really do need to be validated more in the relapse refractory setting, and probably we do need to look at what parts or components of these tools, or do we actually need novel tools that will help us better predict some of the unique toxicities that older adults will have with modalities like bispecific antibodies or CAR-T, so do we really need newer frailty assessments as well that perhaps include some cognitive testing as well? So I do think, you know, we're really just scratching the surface of some of these frailty assessments.

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