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Multiple Myeloma Awareness: Bone marrow aspirate cytology of multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer of malignant plasma cells, associated with bone pain, bone fractures and anemia
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Transcript: Controversies COMy 2024

Last updated: 25th Jun 2024
Published:25th Jun 2024

Dr Hira Mian

Interview recorded Jun 2024. All transcripts are created from interview footage and directly reflect the content of the interview at the time. The content is that of the speaker and is not adjusted by Medthority.

So I would say one of the key highlights is that COMy is going to become an increasingly important and probably one of the pivotal meetings in myeloma. So every year when I go, I'm kind of surprised to see just how big and how important it is getting. I think that we're seeing lots of great data, but what I really like about the COMy meeting, and I like the way that it's framed around the controversy. So I think in myeloma now we're in this fantastic position where we can actually talk about options. And so one of the best parts for me about COMy is talking about some of those controversies, you know, so we had some great debates from folks about how to treat smouldering myeloma or what the best options are for smouldering myeloma. And similarly, even for my session around the relapsed refractory myeloma, what some of the options are. So I think for me, the key highlights from COMy's are the discussions with colleagues along the issues that are actually controversial and hearing other people's perspectives. I think the other part that is actually quite unique about COMy is because it is truly a really international audience, you know, with a huge presence online as well, is that you are getting those very different perspectives.

So, you know, when I give an option and say, "I would treat this patient with a T-cell redirecting therapy," I'm quickly reminded by members of the audience that I work in a very resourceful area, and that for most of the world, that therapy may not be accessible. So I think COMy also brings some of the inequities and really highlights how we really need to do better as a global community as well when we start to have some of these discussions around therapy.

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