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Breast cancer
Future breast cancer care: ESMO Breast Cancer 2024

Transcript: Key trial updates from ESMO Breast Cancer 2024

Last updated:6th Jun 2024
Published:6th Jun 2024

Professor Michael Gnant

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There is a number of updates or interesting presentations, not really breakthrough stuff, I would call it, but important updates, important information, and some of which also really has impact on clinical practice. I mean, we saw the results of the inpatient 123, 132 trial, a negative trial showing that there is no benefit for the addition of atezolizumab checkpoint inhibitor in advanced triple negative breast cancer. So that's, you know, on the negative side. There were a number of interesting confirmations in the field of early breast cancer. For example, the lobular cancer subgroup analysis of the endocrines in SOFT and TEXT studies. And also some reassuring data on NATALEE, the adjuvant ribociclib data. Confirmation on those days then chemotherapy with long-term data of the PANTHER trial and some interesting stuff on antibody drug conjugates in the first and second line. That would be my very brief summary of ESMO Breast 2024.

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