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Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
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Congress highlights

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Last updated:21st Feb 2023
Published:21st Feb 2023

GUF 2022: CRUSE app | UCARE | Emerging research | Patient reported outcomes


We analysed 620 patients from all around the world… it has been interesting to see patients with poorly controlled urticaria, with low UCT (Urticaria Control Test) scores are using the app. So there is really a need for the app. It is amazing that we now have a tool for patients to use.
Dr Sophia Neisinger


I am very excited about the many activities that UCARE is doing and has planned for the next year, we have UCARE level-up our physician education platform with many formats to come in the next year, we have UCARE for you for patients to bring new knowledge to patients which helps them in their daily lives…
Professor Marcus Maurer

Emerging research

...preterm pregnancy was associated with not controlled urticaria so it’s important to have the disease under control and to know that the treatments that were recommended by the guidelines are safe to use during pregnancy.
Professor Emek Kocatürk Göncü

Patient reported outcomes

…when we asked the physician in our study of PROM [patient-reported outcome measures] use, the physician told us that they need more of an educational programme because they need to know what kind of PROM to use in chronic urticaria, how to measure this PROM and how to use these kind of PROMs. We believe that in the future all of the society/UCARE need to develop an educational PROM to teach our physician what is the best PROM to use in what kind of patient…
Dr Ivan Cherrez-Ojeda

Is the Global Urticaria Forum 2022 meeting important for the dissemination of information on chronic urticaria?

“…we have a chance to meet with all of the physicians who are involved in the best management for our future patients. It is a good opportunity to interchange ideas about the latest management of patients with chronic urticaria. And finally, we create a family of physicians who have only one idea; how can we improve outcomes in our patients with chronic urticaria?
Dr Ivan Cherrez-Ojeda

Hear CSU patient perspectives

Arzoo Ahmed and Elaine Dery discuss their treatment experiences, the importance of patient representatives at major congresses, such as GUF 2022 and advice for physicians managing CSU.