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Recent developments and highlights in rhinitis and allergen immunotherapy.

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Published:1st Dec 2018
Author: Reitsma S, Subramaniam S, Fokkens WWJ, Wang Y.
Source: Allergy
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Ref.:Allergy. 2018 ;73(12):2306-2313.
Recent developments and highlights in rhinitis and allergen immunotherapy

This review paper aims to provide an overview of recent developments in the field of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, as well as allergen immunotherapy. Recent advances in phenotyping and endotyping various forms of rhinitis have brought us one step closer towards tailoring treatment more appropriately for a given patient. Updates on local allergic rhinitis are also covered. Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) is an area of significant interest, with multiple original papers and recent position papers and guidelines published. Evidence related to the application of AIT in seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis (AR), local allergic rhinitis and novel and expanded applications is discussed in the publication.


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