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Advances toward Curing HIV-1 Infection in Tissue Reservoirs

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Published:16th Jan 2020
Author: Henderson LJ, Reoma LB, Kovacs JA, Nath A.
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Ref.:J Virol. 2020 Jan 17;94(3):e00375-19.
Advances toward Curing HIV-1 Infection in Tissue Reservoirs

A disease of more than 39.6 million people worldwide, HIV-1 infection has no curative therapy. To date, one man has achieved a sterile cure, with millions more hoping to avoid the potential pitfalls of lifelong antiretroviral therapy and other HIV-related disorders, including neurocognitive decline. Recent developments in immunotherapies and gene therapies provide renewed hope in advancing efforts toward a sterilizing or functional cure. On the horizon is research concentrated in multiple separate but potentially complementary domains: vaccine research, viral transcript editing, T-cell effector response targeting including checkpoint inhibitors, and gene editing. Here, we review the concept of targeting the HIV-1 tissue reservoirs, with an emphasis on the central nervous system, and describe relevant new work in functional cure research and strategies for HIV-1 eradication.

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