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Advanced Imaging in the Evaluation of Migraine Headaches.

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Published:1st May 2019
Author: Ellingson BM, Hesterman C, Johnston M, Dudeck NR, Charles AC, Villablanca JP.
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Ref.:Neuroimaging Clin N Am. 2019;29(2):301-324.
Advanced Imaging in the Evaluation of Migraine Headaches

The use of advanced imaging in routine diagnostic practice appears to provide only limited value in patients with migraine who have not experienced recent changes in headache characteristics or symptoms. However, advanced imaging may have potential for studying the biological manifestations and pathophysiology of migraine headaches. Migraine with aura appears to have characteristic spatiotemporal changes in structural anatomy, function, hemodynamics, metabolism, and biochemistry, whereas migraine without aura produces more subtle and complex changes. Large, controlled, multicenter imaging-based observational trials are needed to confirm the anecdotal evidence in the literature and test the scientific hypotheses thought to underscore migraine pathophysiology.

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