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Functional benefit of smoking cessation in severe COPD patients undergoing bronchial valve implantation.

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Published:1st Oct 2019
Author: Pezzuto A, D'Ascanio M, Grieco A, Ricci A.
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Ref.:Eur J Intern Med. 2019;68:55-59.
Functional benefit of smoking cessation in severe COPD patients undergoing bronchial valve implantation

Tobacco smoke is the leading cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The aim of this study is to highlight the effectiveness of smoking cessation along with bronchial valve implantation in subjects with severe COPD.

Methods: A sample of 25 patients, current smokers, affected by severe COPD and heterogeneous emphysema who quit smoking were compared with a group of 15 patients who did not quit smoking.

Measurements and main results: Patients performed plethysmography, 6 minute walking test (WT), haemogasanalysis, exhaled CO test (eCO), COPD assessment test (CAT) together with the mMRC test. A clearer improvement of examined parameters was registered in the group of patients who quit smoking by varenicline and counselling. In particular, we observed a significant increase of FEV1 by 350 ml in the abstainers group compared with 100 ml increase in the non-abstainers(p < .05) group. We noticed that the RV% decreased by 30% compared with the 10% in the non-abstainers(p < .001).

The CAT value decreased by 20 compared with 10 in current smokers(p < .001) as well as the mMRC score (p < .001) was more improved in abstainers.

The total resistances were reduced by 30% versus 10% (p < .01)and notably there was a higher improvement of walking test (30 m versus 5) (p < .001). The eCO was clearly reduced in abstainers, 14 versus 8 (p < .002),. PaO2 increased by 4 mmHg versus 1(p < .0001).

Conclusions: Smoking cessation treatment by varenicline strengthens the effects of bronchial valve implantation and shows up its crucial therapeutic role in severe COPD.


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