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Colon cleansing efficacy and safety with 1 L NER1006 versus 2 L polyethylene glycol + ascorbate: a randomized phase 3 trial.

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Published:18th Jul 2018
Author: Bisschops R, Manning J, Clayton LB, Ng Kwet Shing R, Álvarez-González M; MORA Study Group.
Source: Endoscopy
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Ref.:Endoscopy. 2018.
Colon cleansing efficacy and safety with 1 L NER1006 versus 2 L polyethylene glycol + ascorbate: a randomized phase 3 trial

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-based bowel preparations are effective cleansers but many require high-volume intake. This phase 3, randomized, blinded, multicenter, parallel-group, central reader-assessed study assessed the 1 L PEG NER1006 bowel preparation vs. standard 2 L PEG with ascorbate (2LPEG).

Methods: Patients undergoing colonoscopy were randomized (1:1:1) to receive NER1006, as an evening/morning (N2D) or morning-only (N1D) regimen, or evening/morning 2LPEG. Cleansing was assessed using the Harefield Cleansing Scale (HCS) and the Boston Bowel Preparation Scale (BBPS). Primary end points were overall bowel cleansing success and high-quality cleansing in the right colon. Modified full analysis set (mFAS) and per protocol (PP) analyses were performed. Mean cleansing scores were analyzed post hoc.

Results: Of 849 randomized patients, efficacy was analyzed in the following patient numbers (mFAS/PP): total n = 822/670; N2D n = 275/220; N1D n = 275/218; 2LPEG n = 272/232. mFAS established noninferiority. PP showed superiority for N2D on overall success (97.3 % vs. 92.2 %; P = 0.014), and for N2D and N1D on right colon high-quality cleansing (N2D 32.3 % vs. 15.9 %, P < 0.001; N1D 34.4 % vs. 15.9 %, P < 0.001) vs. 2LPEG. Using HCS, N2D and N1D attained superior segmental high-quality cleansing (P ≤ 0.003 per segment). N2D showed superior mean segmental HCS scores (P ≤ 0.007 per segment). Both N2D and N1D achieved superior mean overall (P < 0.001 and P = 0.006) and right colon BBPS scores (P < 0.001 and P = 0.013). N2D demonstrated superior right colon polyp detection (P = 0.024). Adherence, tolerability, and safety were comparable between treatments.

Conclusions: NER1006 is the first low-volume preparation to demonstrate superior colon cleansing efficacy vs. standard 2LPEG with ascorbate, with comparable safety and tolerability.


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