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Role of robotic surgery in treating fibroids and benign uterine mass.

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Published:1st Nov 2017
Author: Kim S, Luu TH, Llarena N, Falcone T.
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Ref.:Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol. 2017;45:48-59.

Fibroid uterus can be managed medically, surgically, or through non-extirpative procedures, depending on the clinical situation. Myomectomy may be beneficial, especially to those desiring to preserve the uterus and/or fertility, with outcomes comparable to those of hysterectomy, with a laparoscopic approach being favored when feasible. For definitive therapy, hysterectomy can be pursued where the surgical approach should be individualized.

Comparison of robotic-assisted laparoscopic approach shows that the robotic approach may be favored for cases with higher complexity and multiple fibroids in myomectomy; however, no clear advantage is seen with hysterectomy at this time, necessitating further research in the area of robotics for hysterectomy in benign uterine mass treatment to justify the cost.


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