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The promise of technology in the future of dementia care.

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Published:31st May 2019
Author: Moyle W.
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Ref.:Nat Rev Neurol. 2019;15(6):353-359.

Dementia is a leading cause of disability, and the prevalence of dementia is steadily increasing. Although people with dementia are living longer lives in the community, without adequate support for their declining physical and psychological needs, the majority of these individuals end up in nursing homes. With no cure in sight, and in the context of population ageing, we must consider how to care for these individuals in the future. Technologies that augment existing care can maintain a person comfortably in their community, maximize individual autonomy and promote social participation. However, to date, such technologies have rarely been used in dementia care. This Perspectives article highlights the need for affordable and appropriate technologies to assist future dementia care, outlines some of the technologies currently available and describes the many challenges to integration of such technologies. Finally, guidelines are suggested for the development and implementation of new technologies in dementia care.


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