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Biological therapies for atopic dermatitis: An update

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Published:1st Feb 2019
Author: Deleanu D, Nedelea I.
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Ref.:Exp Ther Med. 2019;17(2):1061-1067.
Biological therapies for atopic dermatitis: An update

Severe atopic dermatitis, which affects both adults and children, is a debilitating disorder with a significant decline of patients' quality of life. Although aetiopathogenic factors are currently a topic of study and interpretation, the main features of atopic eczema are skin barrier disturbance and immune dysregulation. Severe refractory disease that fails to improve with conventional therapy may benefit from biologic therapy. Progress in understanding immunopathology of atopic dermatitis have allowed identification of therapeutic molecular targets in the field of biological therapy.

We reviewed the different biological treatments with a focus on novel targeted agents: Systemic immunotherapy (Omalizumab, Dupilumab, Lebrikizumab, Tralokinumab, Nemolizumab, Ustekinumab, Fezakinumab, Tezepelumab, Apremilast, allergen specific immunotherapy), and topical agents (Tofacitinib, Crisaborole).

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