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Bipolar disorder: assessment and management

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Last updated:10th Feb 2020
Bipolar disorder: assessment and management - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

This guideline covers recognising, assessing and treating bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic depression) in children, young people and adults. The recommendations apply to bipolar I, bipolar II, mixed affective and rapid cycling disorders. It aims to improve access to treatment and quality of life in people with bipolar disorder.

- MHRA advice on valproate: We have amended recommendations in line with the MHRA guidance on valproate use by women and girls. Valproate must not be used in women and girls of childbearing potential (including young girls who are likely to need treatment into their childbearing years), unless other options are unsuitable and the pregnancy prevention programme is in place. The MHRA has published temporary advice on the valproate pregnancy prevention programme during the COVID-19 pandemic.

December 2022: The MHRA has issued new safety advice on risks associated with valproate for anyone under 55. We are reviewing the recommendations on long-term pharmacological interventions for adults in secondary care and plan to consult on our update proposals. People currently taking valproate should not stop taking it unless they are advised by a specialist to do so.


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