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2014 UK National Guideline on the Management of Vulval Conditions

Read time: 1 mins
Last updated:1st Feb 2014

This guideline offers recommendation on the management of a range of vulval disorders who may present to Genitourinary Medicine clinics. Vulval disorders represent a disparate group of conditions with a variety of causes, affecting a particular anatomical site and may affect women of any age.

These guidelines concentrate on a selected group of conditions, which may be managed by Genitourinary Physicians, either alone or in conjunction with other specialists, dependant on local expertise. Guidance for onward referral is also included. It is not intended as a comprehensive review of the treatment of all vulval disease. The main categories of non-infective vulval diseases are dermatoses, pain syndromes and pre-malignant conditions.

This guideline offers recommendations on the diagnostic tests and treatment regimens needed for the effective management of the following vulval conditions:
Vulval lichen sclerosus
Vulval lichen planus
Vulval eczema
Vulval lichen simplex
Vulval psoriasis
Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia
Vulval pain syndromes
It is aimed primarily at people aged 16 years or older presenting to Genitourinary Medicine clinics.


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