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The 15th World Congress on Inflammation (WCI 2022)

The 15th World Congress on Inflammation (WCI), will be in Rome, Italy, from June 05th - 08th 2022

The 15th World Congress on Inflammation (WCI 2022) will be in Rome for the first time in 2022. The Congress will bring together researchers, clinicians, industry representatives, advocacy groups, and decision-makers across the field of inflammation.

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    5 Jun 2022 - 8 Jun 2022
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Further information

WCI2022 will include latest developments in basic, translational and clinical research on inflammation, including cell biology, signalling, genetic, inflammatory/autoimmune diseases, new biomarkers and new therapeutics approaches for human diseases.
The biennial WCI Congress, that will bring together a number of Scientific Societies within the International Association of Inflammation Societies and others Scientific Societies who attend the Congress, will represent a key opportunity to share knowledge across borders and professional disciplines as we work towards a common goal of improving the understanding and therapeutic control of inflammatory diseases.
The congress will enhance the international community's knowledge base and will provide new opportunities for international collaboration.
We would like to invite you to attend and support the WCI 2022 in Italy from 5th-8th June, 2022. The congress will be hosted for the first time in Italy, in Rome and will be organized in Hotel Ergife.