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Editorial Policy and Funding

Dedicated to supporting the provision of high quality, up-to-date medical information

Medthority is funded through educational grants and sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies and other organisations dedicated to supporting the provision of high quality, up-to-date medical information. Medthority is published by EPG Health. 

Our internal editorial team has appropriate measures in place to ensure that sponsored content is current, accurate, objective, trustworthy, balanced and clearly labelled for transparency.

Medthority content is acquired from a wide range of reputable sources, including governmental agencies, regulatory authorities, medical writers, medical publishers, medical associations and pharmaceutical companies. Each page contains a statement explaining the source(s), author(s), and how it is funded. Links to published references or online sources are provided where available.

Medthority does not endorse specific products or services provided by partnering organisations. Whenever content is provided by or supported by funding from a pharmaceutical company or other external organisation, the nature of this partnership is disclosed in the footer of each applicable page.

Further information relating to our Editorial Policy and Funding can be found within Terms of Use.