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Indivior discontinues sales and marketing of Perseris (risperidone subcutaneous sustained release) for schizophrenia

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Published:10th Jul 2024

Indivior has discontinued sales and marketing for its schizophrenia drug Perseris. This last decision, prompted by increased payor management impacts, is expected to make the product financially unviable and will result in 130 job cuts

Discontinuation of Perseris Sales & Marketing: The Group will immediately cease all sales and marketing activities related to Perseris. The Group believes this action is in the best interests of shareholders due to the highly competitive market and impending changes that are expected to intensify payor management in the treatment category in which Perseris participates. Analysis of forthcoming changes suggests that there is no longer a path forward for Perseris that is financially viable.

Indivior will continue to supply Perseris for the foreseeable future to avoid disruption to patient care but will no longer deploy a dedicated sales force. As a result, we expect to reduce headcount by approximately 130 employees. Indivior does not anticipate material impacts on its other marketed products because of this decision.

Condition: Schizophrenia
Type: drug

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