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Graybug Vision and CalciMedica to merge and focus on the development of Auxora.

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Published:24th Nov 2022

Graybug Vision, Inc. and CalciMedica Inc. announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to combine the companies in an all-stock transaction

The combined company will focus on further developing CalciMedica’s lead product candidate Auxora, a proprietary, intravenous-formulated, small molecule calcium-release activated calcium (CRAC) channel inhibitor, to treat life-threatening inflammatory diseases, such as acute pancreatitis (AP), asparaginase-associated pancreatitis (AAP), acute kidney injury (AKI), and acute hypoxemic respiratory failure (AHRF), for which there are no currently approved therapies. Auxora, which modulates the immune response and protects against tissue cell injury, has been studied in four completed efficacy clinical trials, demonstrating positive and consistent clinical results, as well as a favorable safety profile. Subject to each company’s stockholder approval, the combined company is expected to trade on the Nasdaq Global Market.

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