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MediWound receives Complete Response Letter from the FDA for NexoBrid BLA for for eschar removal (debridement) in adults with thermal burns.

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Published:1st Jul 2021
MediWound Ltd., a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on next-generation bio-therapeutics solutions for tissue repair and regeneration, announced it received a Complete Response Letter (CRL) from the FDA regarding the BLA seeking approval of NexoBrid for eschar removal (debridement) in adults with deep partial-thickness and/or full-thickness thermal burns.

The FDA communicated that it had completed its review of the BLA, as amended, and has determined that the application cannot be approved in its present form. The FDA identified issues related to the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (“CMC”) section of the BLA and requested additional CMC information. The FDA acknowledged receipt of several CMC amendments, submitted in response the CMC information requests, which were not reviewed for this action. The FDA also stated that an inspection of NexoBrid's manufacturing facilities in Israel and Taiwan, are required before the FDA can approve the BLA, but it was unable to conduct the required inspections during the current review cycle due to COVID-related travel restrictions.

The FDA stated that it will continue to monitor the public health situation as well as travel restrictions and is actively working to define an approach for scheduling outstanding inspections. In addition, the CRL cited certain observations identified during good clinical practice (GCP) inspections related to the U.S. Phase III study (DETECT), and requested the company to provide its perspective on the potential impact, if any, of these observations on the efficacy findings in the study. The FDA also requested to provide a safety update as part of its BLA resubmission, although there were no safety issues raised in the CRL.

Vericel Corporation holds an exclusive license for North American commercial rights to NexoBrid.

Condition: Burns
Type: drug

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