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Horizon Therapeutics plc initiates ADVANCE trial evaluating Krystexxa with methotrexate for people who previously developed anti-drug antibodies on Krystexxa monotherapy.

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Last updated:24th Sep 2021
Published:28th May 2021
Horizon Therapeutics plc announced the first patient has enrolled in the ADVANCE trial evaluating the concomitant use of Krystexxa (pegloticase injection) with methotrexate for people with uncontrolled gout who were not able to achieve a complete response when previously treated with Krystexxa monotherapy.

For people with chronic gout refractory to conventional therapies (uncontrolled gout), Krystexxa offers a unique mechanism of action that converts urate into allantoin which can more easily and efficiently be excreted by the kidneys. Similar to other biologic medicines, patients on Krystexxa monotherapy can develop anti-drug antibodies that prevent them from completing a full course of therapy. Increasingly, immunomodulating therapies, such as methotrexate, have been employed to help reduce the development of anti-drug antibodies. With this understanding, the ADVANCE trial will evaluate if repeating the course of Krystexxa therapy with an immunomodulator as co-therapy may help more patients, who previously lost response with Krystexxa monotherapy, to achieve a complete response.

Condition: Gout
Type: drug