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Eyenovia Inc., announces first patient enrolled in Phase III study of Microline for presbyopia.

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Published:17th Dec 2020
Eyenovia, Inc. announced that the first set of patients has been enrolled in the Company’s Phase III VISION-1 study of MicroLine, its proprietary pilocarpine formulation delivered via its Optejet dispenser, for the improvement in near vision in patients with presbyopia. Presbyopia, the age-related hardening of the lens causing blurred near vision, affects approximately 113 million Americans. Vision impairment typically begins after age 40 and is often corrected with eyeglasses or “readers,” contact lenses or surgery. The VISION trials are Phase III, double-masked, placebo-controlled, cross-over superiority trials that will each enroll approximately 100 participants between the ages of 40 and 60 who suffer with visual impairment from presbyopia. The primary endpoint is same-day improvement of binocular distance corrected near visual acuity. MicroLine is designed for use “on demand” for symptomatic improvement of near vision impairment secondary to presbyopia.
Condition: Presbyopia
Type: drug

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