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Mateon achieves milestone in development of OT 101 a Phase III clinical drug candidate against COVID-19.

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Published:7th Apr 2020
Mateon Therapeutics, Inc.dedicated to development OT101, a TGF-beta antisense drug candidate, announced that Mateon has delivered the requisite testing results to Golden Mountain Partners (GMP) confirming the applicability and potential use of OT 101 for the treatment of COVID-19. OT-101 exhibited potent activity against both COVID-19 and SARS with a robust safety index of >500. This is in accordance with the Supplement Research and Services Agreement with GMP executed on March 23, 2020, and GMP has accepted the testing results. In addition, Mateon has submitted a Pre-Investigational New Drug (Pre-IND) application package to the FDA to allow the referencing of OT 101’s oncology IND in order to streamline the IND submission for OT 101 against COVID-19. Mateon is expecting to complete the IND submission thereafter. The mechanism of action (MOA) for OT 101 against COVID-19 includes: 1) Inhibition of cellular binding, 2) Inhibition of viral replication and 3) Suppression of viral induced pneumonia. Based on OT-101’s MOA, Mateon anticipates that OT 101 would also be useful for future viral epidemics.
Condition: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Infection
Type: drug

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