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Health Canada approves Vascepa to reduce the risk of CV events.- HLS Therapeutics.

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Published:6th Jan 2020
HLS Therapeutics pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved the use of Vascepa (icosapent ethyl) to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events (cardiovascular death, non-fatal myocardial infarction, non-fatal stroke, coronary revascularization or hospitalization for unstable angina) in statin-treated patients with elevated triglycerides, who are at high risk of cardiovascular events due to established cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, and at least one other cardiovascular risk factor. HLS in-licensed the exclusive rights to Vascepa for the Canadian market from Amarin Corporation in 2017. "Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and Vascepa provides a new treatment option for healthcare practitioners to enhance cardiovascular protection for the many Canadians at risk of a cardiac event," said Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Cardiologist and Director, Montreal Heart Institute Research Centre.
Condition: Cardiovascular Events
Type: drug

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