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Johnson & Johnson acquires TARIS Biomedical specialist in drug delivery technology for bladder diseases and with lead product TAR 200

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Published:30th Dec 2019
Johnson & Johnson announced the acquisition of TARIS Biomedical LLC (TARIS), a privately-owned biotechnology company specializing in the development of a novel drug delivery technology for the treatment of bladder diseases including cancer. The company’s lead clinical-stage product, TAR 200, uses the proprietary TARIS System, which features a silicone-based drug delivery device that allows for the continuous release of medication into the bladder. Financial terms of the transaction are not being disclosed. TARIS will maintain a research presence in Lexington, Massachusetts and become part of Janssen R&D’s Oncology Therapeutic Area. The team will remain focused on the optimization of drug candidates working together with Janssen R&D scientists to advance and deliver future clinical programs applying the TARIS technology, which arose from research conducted at MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.
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