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Recordati to market Cystagon in Europe for nephropathic cystinosis.- Mylan

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Last updated:10th Apr 2018
Published:10th Apr 2018
Source: Pharmawand

Recordati announces the completion of an agreement with Mylan for the acquisition of the rights to Cystagon (cysteamine bitartrate), indicated for the treatment of proven nephropathic cystinosis in children and adults, for certain territories, including Europe. The product was previously commercialized by Orphan Europe (a Recordati group company) under license from Mylan.

Comment: Cystagon was approved by FDA on 15 August 1994 to treat children with this rare kidney disease. The disease, nephropathic cystinosis, is characterized by the buildup of an amino acid called cystine in the kidneys. Children with the disorder suffer progressive kidney failure and weak bones, and do not reach their normal height.

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