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Sony Olympus Medical Solutions announces planned launch of 4K technology endoscopy system called VISERA 4K UHD

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Last updated:23rd Sep 2015
Published:23rd Sep 2015
Source: Pharmawand

Olympus Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of a surgical endoscopy system-VISERA 4K UHD- incorporating 4K technology, commencing in Japan and Europe in early October 2015. The technology was developed by Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc., the medical business joint venture between Olympus and Sony Corporation.

It has become common practice to use endoscopic surgery for the excision of tumors and other lesions. This involves inserting a surgical endoscope, together with other special-purpose devices like energy devices or hand instruments, via incisions. By eliminating the need for open surgery, this technique offers less post-operative pain and faster recuperation, making it popular as a minimally invasive surgical practice that reduces the burden on patients. To further improve the accuracy and safety of endoscopic surgery, Olympus is launching a surgical endoscopy system incorporating 4K technology (3840×2160 pixels or more), offering resolution approximately four times better than the previous full HD model.

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