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Study finds CholestOff (Nature Made) reduces Cholesterol levels in patients with CV risk

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Last updated:10th Jan 2013
Published:10th Jan 2013
Source: Pharmawand

A new study suggests CholestOff, a sterol/stanol ester-based softgel capsule, from Nature Made, offers benefits for decreasing LDL cholesterol in individuals with high Cholesterol levels. The randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial lasted 17 weeks during which all subjects followed a heart healthy diet (National Cholesterol Education Program TLC Diet). One group received a sterol/stanol softgel for 6 weeks while the other took a placebo. After the six weeks, the groups switched treatments while maintaining the same TLC diet.

After taking the softgels for six weeks, cholesterol changes were statistically significant for LDL cholesterol (-9.2%), non-HDL cholesterol (-9.0%), total cholesterol (-7.4%), total cholesterol/HDL-C ratio (-5.4%), and triglycerides (-9.1%). The softgel supplement used in this study provided 1.8 grams of esterified plant sterols and stanols, a dosage within the range for which effective reduction of LDL cholesterol levels have been observed in previous studies. The findings provide additional evidence on the effectiveness of plant sterols and stanols from CholestOff softgel capsules for lowering blood cholesterol levels. Results were published in the journal Nutrition. See: "Lipid effects of a dietary supplement softgel capsule containing plant sterols/stanols in primary hypercholesterolemia" Kevin C. Maki et al. Nutrition Volume 29, Issue 1 , Pages 96-100, January 2013 doi:10.1016/j.nut.2012.05.002

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