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European Commission approves Bexsero vaccine (Novartis) for Meningococcal Disease

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Last updated:23rd Jan 2013
Published:23rd Jan 2013
Source: Pharmawand

Novartis has announced that the European Commission has approved Bexsero (Meningococcal Group B Vaccine [rDNA, component, adsorbed]) for use in individuals from 2 months of age and older. Novartis is committed to making Bexsero available as soon as possible.

MenB disease is a bacterial infection and is the leading cause of meningitis across Europe, particularly in infants. Although rare, one reason this disease is so feared is that it affects healthy people rapidly and without warning. Symptoms can often resemble the flu, making this disease easily misdiagnosed in its early stages. In many cases, doctors simply cannot treat infected patients soon enough to avoid serious outcomes. About one in ten of those who contract the disease will die despite appropriate treatment. Up to one in five survivors may suffer from devastating, life-long disabilities such as brain damage, hearing impairment or limb loss. Prevention through vaccination is therefore the best defense against this aggressive disease.

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