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Patient and doctor sitting in consultation discussing tobacco use

Meet Lesley – coping with stress

Meet Lesley, a 45-year-old teaching assistant and single mother. Lesley feels that smoking is her only chance to get a moment to herself, her only release.

Lesley has an appointment with her doctor about her psoriasis. Find out how her doctor uses Very Brief Advice to establish her smoking status and incorporate advice to help her stop smoking in this three-minute video.

At the end of her appointment to discuss her psoriasis her doctor uses Very Brief Advice. He focuses on her reason for smoking, stress, and explains how identifying her stress triggers could be the first step towards quitting smoking and that help and support is available to Lesley.

Tobacco smoking is often more common among patients such as Lesley with lower socioeconomic status (SES) in high-income countries. This can be the result of differences in both initiation and cessation of smoking. However, there is no evidence that lower SES is a barrier to successfully quitting smoking1.


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